Cabbage Patch (Kid?)

January 4, 2018

It.Was.Fa-REEEEZING. (hence the blurry-ness of the picture)

And raining. 




The gloves we were wearing were gardening glove. They were not freezing rain, get them wet gloves. SO my hands were like icicles!!

But...the cabbage that was growing from our friend's garden was absolutely magnificent! I asked her how she had such an amazing garden in such a FRIGID environment! She gave all the glory to God. And then she said that she plants based on season. There are times to plant certain vegetables, times to harvest them, times to change the soil and plant a different one. These particular vegetables are what is known as "winter plants". They just grow best in the winter.


This got me thinking about us, our personalities, and our seasons of life and adventures. I think sometimes we allow our environments to either keep us from growing, or be an excuse to want escape. Let me explain...

I think there are certain enviornments and seasons of our lives that can feel frigid and cold, wet and rainy and just plan miserable. Being in this type of envrionment can cause us to get the case of the"I gotta get out of here"s! We escape to our room or our tv, to our friends or to our drink. There are TONS of ways to be able to escape and not grow nowadays. 




what if there are "fruits" and "vegetables" inside of you that were literally meant to grow during these cold times. Let's say your boss isn't the friendliest. What if this is the perfect opportunity to grow those kindness muscles, patients powers, or listening techniques. What if this is the perfect "weather" conditions for certain vegetation in your insides to grow?


There are always seasons of life and a time for everything. Be honest with yourself about what season it is for you and do that. Our friend didn't lie to herself about what type of vegetable to plant just because she wanted it. If strawberries are out of season because they aren't winter plants....they won't grow. Not naturally anyways. But what WILL grow are the things that were made for times like this.


Don't try and force things in your life to be growing when it may just not be their season, YET. Be honest with yourself about your own seasons and then....let it grow!!







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January 4, 2018

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