a purpose

for change

Breathe again!

People can be...difficult to understand.

Conflict seems like a cycle.  She won't hear you.  He is disconnected.  Employees keep leaving.  Children still childish.  

What if you could have answers in 10 minutes?

After 10 minutes on your part, we are able to:

FIND YOUR NEEDS (we do this for you!)

ADDRESS YOUR NEEDS (we show you how!)

BREATHE AGAIN! (you get emotional health back!)

We help individuals, couples, and your business.


our offerings




1:1 Coaching for your

individual needs

2 hr




People training for teams

4 hr minimum



couples course

Relationship coaching for 2

2 hr

we help you

 breathe again


how we can help

1:1 Coaching to find your needs

and show how to meet them

Need-based people training for performance and productivity optimization

20% off for you and your person

to breathe easier, together!

a passion

for people

Needs are biological


When we get hungry, we eat.

Thirsty, we drink.

And to breathe, we need air.

Did you know you have emotional needs as important as air to your lungs?

We find that need in 10 minutes. 

Because of Us

I couldn't function when I got flooded with emotions.

Knowing what to do isn't just for my health.

It's for them, too.   

Once I know their needs,

I know what to do for them.

Once we know yours,

we know what to do for you, too.

a heart for adventure

Talk to us

We assess and identify your emotional needs and show you how to get them met at work and at home so you can emotionally breathe again!

Reach out and tell us where you are on your adventure. We would LOVE hearing about your walk!


Daddy to 4 beautiful little girls and 1 boy, I've learned how to help people by listening, learning, and loving. 

Speaker & Behavioral Consultant

Sam Stevens

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Served three deployments as a Communications Sergeant

in The United States Army,

Personal & Executive Coach,

Certified WIDP Affiliate & Trainer

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