the Manager is the key

Unproductive Employees Still Get Paid

As an Executive Advisor, I train Managers

to harness the magic of emotional biology,

turning random behavior into focused,

profitable employee engagement.

"People" programs like team building

give mixed, short-term results.  By Monday,

it's back to the same unmotivated grind.  

To harness productivity is to directly affect the bottom line - and the Manager is the key.

Can your company afford to pay unproductive employees? 

People harness processes, Managers harness People.



cost of disengagement

9:00 AM

Jill starts work at the front desk for $10/hour.  Today at 10:30 is her annual Performance Review.

She is due for a raise.

10:00 AM

Jill begins to get nervous, but excited!

11:00 AM

Her Manager says something came up

and they'll try to do it next week.

11:00 AM


5:00 PM

For the next 6 hours,

Jill is disappointed, disengaged, and unproductive.

For 2 hours of work, she receives 8 hours of pay.

1 disengaged employee =

$60 lost productivity in 1 day

10,000 disengaged employees =

$600,000 lost productivity in 1 day

How much can your company afford?



is our battery

Successful Managing charges batteries

Like a glass of water on a hot day,

getting your needs met recharges you.

True motivation charges batteries by energizing - meeting basic needs.

Your employees are drained because their needs aren't getting met, and it's up to the Manager to meet them.

By knowing your people's specific needs that drive engagement, you energize the company.

An energized, engaged company increases performance, productivity,

and profit!  

our offerings


The FundaMENTAL Approach

for Individuals

Easy to follow program

to guide you through

who you are, who you are not, and exactly what to do with it.

Perfect for Families and Relationships, too!



The FundaMENTAL Approach

for Managers

Cutting edge program to harness employee engagement with proven data, trackable metrics, and ready-to-apply action steps.

For Executives, Teams, Departments, and even entire Business Units!



The FundaMENTAL Approach Certification Program

Become Certified to use the most accurate tool available in finding the emotional biology of any person in just 10 minutes.

Great for Human Resources, Counselors, Project Managers, even Church Leaders!



Image by Hannah Busing

Because biology is what governs our nature, then what is true for managing employees is also true for managing relationships.

To know what charges the battery of your partner energizes your connection.

You could take years of trial-and-error, or

you could take 10 minutes and know

precisely what each other needs.

Emotional Biology

when in doubt, just reach out

People can be confusing, behaviors can seem random, and emotions can be a rollercoaster.

We'd love to help it make sense.

If you think our approach may be something for you, but still have questions, just ask!

Use the chat box or the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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Sam Stevens

Daddy to 6 blessings, I choose to help others by listening, learning, and loving. 

Creator of:

The FundaMENTAL Approach

for Individuals

The FundaMENTAL Approach

for Managers

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