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Why We Are Here

Humble Pie Solutions was created to bring awareness and optimization training to a world that until now has been operating without acknowledging and considering the most important aspect of being human - emotional intelligence. We believe that focused attention on EQ (right brain), the feeling aspects of being human, are equally as important as the IQ (left brain) thinking aspects.


What We Do

We gather insights into a person’s root makeup, their true soul expression, and work with individuals and couples to help them understand themselves better, and how to interact with others based on these aspects.


For businesses, we take this knowledge of the individual and use it to help the organization understand what role would be best suited for that person(s).

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How We Do It

We utilize a combination of assessments - psychological profiling paired with biomedical scanning techniques to provide a reference point for both tangible and intangible aspects.


For businesses, using KPI dashboard metrics, we are able to plot trend data in an enlightening way based on the chosen desirable outcome. This allows us to monitor personal progress, as well as a broad range of other associated metrics that have significant impact on performance and optimization.

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An Agent For Change

Learning and conditioning this information unlocks a tremendous amount of potential for a person participating on a team, and brings more to the table for rounded focus by not only identifying, but championing expression.


This takes sole attention off of a title and a resume, enhancing past experience by additionally advocating for individual talent characteristics critical to individual performance.


These insights are designed to bring balance and create harmony internally and externally that have a ripple effect of optimization personally and professionally.

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Our Invitation

We’d be honored to come alongside you in your pursuit to recognize and develop the most amazing facets of your being - what makes you, You. 

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Service Offerings

Solutions for Individuals

Solutions for Relationships

Solutions for Businesses

Couple in Love

Be introduced to your unique design to resurrect confidence

and enlighten purpose.

A personal walkthrough of your

unique emotional wiring

Learn each other's true heart-needs for a thriving relationship

and trust-filled connection.

A compatibility review of intrinsic similarities and differences

Develop inspired engagement, accelerate profitability,

and track company health.

For Executives, Teams,

Departments, and Staff

Every situation is different and goals can vary.
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